Ian and Star

...say Hello to Lensley.

ian  ||   14 March 2009  ||   comments:

The Lensley Automatic, photobooth of the future, has just been launched by two friends of ours: Jaime and Leonard. We had the opportunity to use an earlier iteration at the opening gala for Shotgun Space and it does not disappoint. Highly recommended for anytime you're entertaining.

If you watch their slideshow long enough, you might catch a glimpse of what could be the best Ian and Star photo yet.

...are heading back to Vegas.

ian  ||   2 December 2008  ||   comments:

But this time, we're bringing supplies.

Sure, San Francisco may be a little out of the way, but you can't order single servings of fine beverages named 'What It Do' or 'A Bay Bay' off just any liquor store menu.

...peep The Selby.

ian  ||   20 November 2008  ||   comments:

Already posted on many blogs and written-up in The New York Times, The Selby is Todd Selby's blog of interesting people's live and work spaces. The range is pretty wide, so it's certainly worth a look if you haven't browsed it yet.

...have been put to shame by Heidi Klum.

star  ||   4 November 2008  ||   comments:

Check this out:

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday, and I didn't even dress up. But if I had, there's no way I could have competed with that. Heidi Klum was killing it on Halloween. That's no "sexy Shiva" costume - that's actually genuinely terrifying (in other photos, you can see that one of her other hands is holding a pretty awesome decapitated head).

And she's selling the look, too! This is the awesomest thing she's ever been involved with, and I say that as a huge fan of Project Runway. Speaking of which, why no Project Runway Halloween episodes?


- Thanks, John.

...should be at the NY Art Book Fair.

ian  ||   29 October 2008  ||   comments:

You know, if we were serious.

Learn more about the fair. Photos from Cobain in a Coma.

...are checking out some Wagyu beef. And the midwest.

star  ||   28 October 2008  ||   comments:

Since Ian put this blog on the food tip, let me point this out:

That's basically beef as butter, right there. Walk it through a hot kitchen and put it on my plate.

The restaurant is Avenues, and it's in Chicago, which is just a bit more likely for me to get to than upstate New York.

Can you imagine grinding that meat up to make some Wagyu Jucy Lucys? I think I just blew my own mind. Speaking of Jucy Lucys, I hit up Matt's Bar in Minneapolis a few weeks back, and heretical as it may sound, I think our Lucy was better than theirs. They've got a real runny cheese/grease thing going on in the middle, but it's no match for our gooey cheese avalanche. Observe:



And I ain't even gonna get into the butter burger, now that I've had it. Let me just say, living in the Midwest will kill you, no joke.

...are lunching in upstate New York.

ian  ||   24 October 2008  ||   comments:

Exhibit A:

Pastrami and cheese mountain.

Exhibit B:

Crab cake.

Exhibit C:

Seared scallops and pancetta.

Nevermind what could be a marathon drive. Those three dishes in the same meal will result in contentment at the time of my death. If you're interested, you can read the entire story of someone else's awesome weekend.

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